At the beginning of each month, we announce the final results for the past month. We also inform all participants of the Alliance program about the bounties won by each member who participated in the past month's competition. In addition, we will notify each member about the exact bounty size. To be able to pay out bounties, we must receive in via Paypal.

<aside> ⚠️ Note that bounties are paid only via Paypal. We will only make payouts if we get appropriately formatted invoices. Simple money requests (without an invoice) will be rejected.


What data do we demand to be included in the invoice?

Below are detailed instructions on preparing and sending us a correctly formatted invoice.

Creating an invoice for bounty payout via Paypal

  1. At the beginning of the month, you'll get information about the exact amount of USD you won in the past month's competition. Please use the same number when formatting the invoice on Paypal.
  2. Please ensure your Paypal account is validated and confirmed by Paypal and that you know you're responsible for all taxes applied to you in the country where you live or are a tax resident.
  3. Go to and login into your account.


  1. Once you’re logged in, you should see your account's main window (dashboard). Press on the “Send and Request” to proceed to the next step.


  1. You should find the “Send an invoice” option and press it to proceed to the next step.


  1. Now you should be able to see such a window, which is an empty Paypal invoice. Remember to change the template type, check personal data, add recipient information, and make more adjustments. Proceed to the next step for further instructions.


  1. First of all, please change the template to the “Amounts only” type.